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ABC Day in the life series // Producer.Liz Keen

Series 1 Episode 10 // Fresh Meat For Kitty

Producer. Liz Keen ABC


Take Lily, one tired, stressed, overly committed woman, running two businesses and two small children, dress her up in a tiny costume, strap some skates to her feet and watch her loud, fast, ferocious alter ego emerge. Meet Kitty MeOuch, roller derby doll and Fresh Meat Coach of the Coffs Coast Derby Dolls.


Footage used in ABC branding



Series 1 Episode 18 // First Day in a Life

Producer. Liz Keen. ABC

After 40 years on the job, vivacious and outspoken midwife Robynn Cook has lost count of the number of babies she’s helped enter the world but she continues to bring her characteristic warmth and irresistible sense of humour to the birthing bed.


Series 1 Episode 19 // The Carnival Isn't Over 

Producer.Liz Keen. ABC

Retired showman Stan March has been on the road since he was 15. Starting off just with his father and brother the travelling family grew as they married, became fathers then grandfathers.This nomadic life of late nights, loud music and hard work isn’t easy but despite his retirement, Stan continues to travel with his daughter, nephews, and nine other “old” Showmen families who constitute this tight-knit and absolutely charming micro village.

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