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ABC ARTS Feature Documentary

Director. Danny Ben Moshe. Identity Films

Associate Producer. Elisabeth Amiel. Unicorn Films

On the 30th anniversary of the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, CHINA’S ARTFUL DISSIDENT shadows a Chinese political artist in exile as he clandestinely protests China’s abuse of human rights and it's cover-up of the horrific slaughter of innocent students in 1989.  Like Banksy, the artist remains incognito, but unlike Banksy his life and that of his family are at stake, as the Chinese authorities–desperate to prevent his political art breaching their Great Firewall–close in on his identity. As the global balance of power shifts from America to China in the 21st century, CHINA’S ARTFUL DISSIDENT shines a timely spotlight on Beijing’s continued white washing of the Tiananmen massacre and subsequent human rights abuses.




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Geneva FIFDH 18th International Film Festival 2020

Prague International Humans Rights Documentary Film Festival 2020

San Fransisco UNAFF International Documentary Film Festival 2019

Opening Night film Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival 2019

Tate Modern, London October 2019



Impact Docs Award 2019: Award of Excellence Special mention. Documentary Feature 

Long listed for the Documentary Walkley Award

Best Medium Length Film Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival 2019

Canada and USA

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