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8 x 30 min TV Series

Director. Megan Doneman
Producer. Grey Rogers

Everyday Australians star in this TV series that challenges age-old stereotypes around the over-50s, following the journeys of 11 people with a zest for life and total disregard for the number of candles on their birthday cake. Ageless, is looking to inspire and challenge Australians to rethink what it means to 'grow older' through the stories of those who possess such a thirst for new experiences it would appear they never age.

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Episode 1 

As You Age You Get More Cool

Grey Rogers begins his journey with 68-year-old Sarah Jane Adam. The self-proclaimed treasure hunter, author, brand ambassador and reluctant celebrity, is truly a rebel at heart.

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Episode 2 

Age is a number on the page of a book

Thought it's too late to follow your calling? Our ageless seeker, Grey Rogers continues through Kununurra's crocodile country and meets Australia's most lovable outback widow.


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Episode 4 

It's Never Too Late

Meet Arnhem Land Tourism Guide Tim, who at 50, launched a new career in a field he had zero experience in. Tim has weathered the trials of Covid and financial hardship.

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